I began working in the trades in the summer of 1985. For years before that I had worked with both of my Grandfathers, my Dad, Uncles and Brothers on many projects. It seemed I was surrounded by mechanically inclined people. Years of “On Call” Maintenance, Service, Residential and Commercial construction honed my opinions of this industry. Repairing other companies Warranty taught me what not to do… and how to fix it if someone else did!

We started Tout Construction Services in 2007, after years of working with other service, construction and development companies. While we were and still are extremely grateful to our mentors, it was time to put our own brand on things.

Our way of doing business is simple. Deliver quality work at a fair price, all the while treating everyone involved courteously and with respect. We strive to take the best from all of our unique experiences and roll them into our relationships and projects.

Beginning on the West side of Fort Worth we did business with friends and family mostly. Moving to Keller in 2012 that family continues to expand. The majority of our business is still word of mouth.

Our reputation has grown over the years and the size of our projects has too. This is only possible due to the amazing people we surround ourselves with. Our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers all exhibit outstanding work ethic along with unmatched moral character. While the pats on the back come often in my direction.. many have heard me say ” Thank you my guys make me look good”. This could not be more true. We are able to accomplish so much due to the hearts and nature of our cohesive team.

In 2015-16, the company had the opportunity to move more heavily into the Commercial and Tenant finish out part of the industry. This is an area our team and sub-contractors have excelled in. However we have great trades and we still love to do residential remodeling and repair work as we always have

Today… Tout Construction regularly has several projects in the works at any given time. We are establishing new partnerships to help us expand and compliment our amazing team. Relationships have and will continue to be key Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn a little more about us. We look forward to working with you on something soon.

Glenn Tout